I am so excited to help you embrace the extraordinary in your ordinary and document you as the unique family that you truly are. My intention when documenting families is to keep it as simple as possible. All we need is a natural, organic looking backdrop, good light, fun directions and lots of snuggles and laughter.

It's my hope that you’ve come to me for a lifestyle family session because my work really speaks to you. You’ve come to me to document the way your family organically exists in your day to day life. You’re not looking for a gallery of cheesy smiles and perfection, you are hoping for photos that highlight your true family dynamic and the way you interact and feel for each other. Working with this guide will ensure you have given me what I need to produce the work that I’ so proud of.


Get back to nature. Whether you choose the woods where you go hiking, the lake where your family gathers, or the field where you play with your dog, the outdoors are always a perfect backdrop and offers dreamy natural lighting.

Get cozy at home. Whether you have an eye for home décor or if the weather isn’t very nice, you can curl up at home and I’ll capture you in your most natural element.

Get personal. Do you have a place that means a lot to you? A family cabin, the campground you visit every summer,

Do something. Having an activity to do allows for genuine emotion and a more natural setting; build a snowman, share a pitcher of craft beer at your favourite brewery, bake cookies together at home, etc.


Provincial Parks

Conservation Areas



Your home, cottage or campground


You are more than welcome to bring multiple options with you and get dressed at the location. That way I can help you decide what will work best given your location and the weather that day. I am here to help every step of the way so feel free to text or email me photos of outfits ahead of time!

Keep it casual. So many people thing they need to dress up for their session. I challenge you to pick out clothing that you normally wear and love, that way you will be as comfortable and true to you as possible. We want these photos to genuinely represent your unique selves.

Tones. Tones. Tones. Earthy and neutral tones are less distracting, look amazing in any location, and compliment my photography style perfectly. Think cream, tan, camel, green, navy, black, brown, rust, etc.

Go for comfort. Make sure you feel comfortable in your clothing; it will show on your faces.

Hair + Makeup. Momma this is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself and get your makeup professionally done or a blowout before your session. Keep it as natural and true to how your normally wear it as possible.

Go with the flow. We want to create movement wherever we can - this goes for dresses, long jackets or kimonos. Fabric that can flow and move is ideal and wind is our friend! 

Compliment each other but don't be matching. Try and stick to neutral and muted colours. 

Get dirty. Encourage your kids to play throughout the session, if their clothes get dirty it’ll reflect who they really are at this stage of life.. embrace it!


  • neutrals and earthy tones

  • denim jackets

  • hats!

  • for him - boots or blundstones


  • neons or brights colours

  • plain white t-shirts

  • logos

  • stiff, restricting fabrics (stiff clothing means stiff photos)

    Following these tips will ensure you receive the photos that you dream of!




https://shoptheskinny.ca/ (mom + kids)

https://en.littleyogicompany.com/ (kids)

https://www.freepeople.com (mom)

https://www.instagram.com/whitktown/ (mom)

https://www.zara.com/ca/en/kids-l1.html (kids)