Nothing Fancy, Just Love Series: Choosing Your Photographer


If I had a nickel for every time I have been asked this in the last few months! The answer was easy for us.. Taylor Clark Photography. I have admired Steph and Ben for close to 10 years, have learned the ropes of the photography industry from Steph, and am in complete awe of their marriage. The decision here again was primarily on the personalities we are welcoming into our wedding day. Knowing Steph will be with me on my wedding day, her calm presence, her kind heart, and her unbelievable talent, has me feeling confident in choosing her to tell the story of our day.

My biggest tip when choosing vendors/people who will be a part of your day: get to know them. Knowing their personalities and visions mesh well with yours is the greatest feeling that inevitably leads to full trust in the humans making your day special. (Check out their social media; do they share some of their personal life with their followers? in their last 9 photos is there a personal photo? these people care about their business so much that they want their clients to feel like friends).

photo credit: Taylor Clark Photography

(keep scrolling for more of my favourites from our engagement session)


In my opinion, get your engagement photos done soon after you've booked your photographer. You're glowing from the engagement and can't keep your hands off of each other, the best energy to capture this season of life. Just imagine looking back on those photos 30 years later and remembering how excited and head over heels you were. It will also give you a chance to hang out with your photographer, get to know each other, and grow more comfortable in front of a camera. Consider it a date night together with a third wheel who has a camera. Have fun with it, do an activity you love together and your natural smiles will shine through. We chose to do ours at sunrise at our home then came inside and made coffee and pancakes, something we often do together on the weekends and now its captured for us to always remember how much we love our mornings together.

photo credit: Taylor Clark Photography

See you next week! We’re talking wedding budgets!