Prince Edward County Beach Engagement Session

I’m Canadian so obviously I’m going to start with.. who else is over this winter?! It’s March, so I’m sure about 98% of you are nodding your head in agreement and the other 2% are happier on the slopes than on the beach. Regardless, this session has something for everyone. Mariko and Danielle are as sweet as they come and were happy to have me third wheel on a typical Friday night date night with them to one of their favourite spots in Prince Edward County. They often adventure together in their SUV and love to spend an evening together with a bonfire on this beach. There was a cold wind the night we did their session, all the more reason for these girls to snuggle close to watch the sunset as the waves crashed along the shore. This will forever be a session I will never forget, they brought me hot chocolate (and rose!), we laughed and warmed up by the fire, and watched the most beautiful sun set down beyond the lake. But the most memorable thing I remember from that night was their connection; the ease of their simple touches, the giddiness behind their smiles, and the love that warmed them both. I like to think I witness a lot of connections, and Mariko and Danielle’s blows me away.