Nothing Fancy, Just Love Series: There Are No Rules

If you take anything away from this series, my hope is that you will always remember the most important rule..... there are no rules.

Make the day yours. Are you cutting the cake because you want to, or because that's what the venue said you're supposed to do at 8:00pm? Do you even want cake? Why are speeches always during dinner when people are hungry waiting for the next course or for the bar to reopen? Why not do them during the ceremony! White dress and high heels? Why not off-white and boots? Beef and chicken? Why not family style catering where they can have an array of food? If a certain tradition doesn't resonate with you, scrap it. Have tacos for dinner, have a friend perform the ceremony and sign the papers later, get ready together, choose a fast song for your first dance, etc.

best of 2018-149.jpg

Whatever you do, just make it YOU.

At the end of the day, it's about the two of you. It's about celebrating your love and commitment to each other and maybe throwing one heck of a party.

Ask yourself, are you copying Pinterest boards or following the cookie-cutter bridal magazine checklist? What decisions are you making because someone told you that was 'the norm'. Screw the norm.

best of 2018-95.jpg

Kick your shoes off, switch it up, break some traditions and create new ones. Every wedding should look different because every couple, every relationship is unique in it's own way. Do you only want a handful of guests? Do you want to ditch the caterer and make it a potluck? Do you want to go barefoot? Do you want to stop for burgers on your way to the ceremony? Do you want to jump in the lake with your clothes on?

Don't plan out every minute of the day, the BEST moments are the ones you can't plan, they just happen. And believe me, you will want to sneak away for a few moments alone to makeout or simply just soak in the greatest day of your lives thus far. We won’t be having a jam packed timeline, we really want to just go with the flow of our day and sneak away whenever possible.

Do you catch my drift? Dream up your perfect day, the day you want to marry your best friend and plan that. Nothing makes me happier than to be part of such an intimate and romantic day, especially when you feel like your day has represented your fun, emotional, laid back selves. And our big day will definitely reflect just that.