Nothing Fancy, Just Love Series: Creating Your Timeline

As a wedding photographer, a timeline is something I create with my brides so I know what to expect and where I need to be throughout the day.

As a bride, who is planning a very relaxed wedding day, I don’t want a strict timeline. I simply want the day to unfold as it organically does and to be able to sneak away whenever we want.

With that said, we will be working with vendors who need to know when and where to be, so we will have to have some sort of schedule. For example, we will have a set ceremony time, during which we will also be doing any speeches, followed by a couple of hours of cocktails, apps and photos. Instead of scheduling exactly 30 minutes for family photos, 30 minutes for wedding party, and 30 minutes for our photos, we will have plenty of time to sneak off for photos and come back to eat and drink then sneak away again. My goal for our photos is that they are spread out, relaxed, and natural instead of scheduled, stressful, and posed. We will also have a set dinner time, but since speeches will already be done earlier in the day there will be no “to-do’s” throughout the night other than drinking, eating and dancing the night away!

best of 2018-25.jpg

I highly recommend working with your photographer and/or coordinator when planning your timeline, this can be an area of stress for brides and these vendors are experts. Generally speaking these are the timelines that will maximize your photos. It's about keeping your ceremony and portraits as close to golden hour as possible without ending up in the dark (unless your plan is a nighttime ceremony - which is also amazing).

Regardless of if you have chosen to do a sunset ceremony or bride and groom photos earlier in the day, I highly recommend planning to sneak away around sunset just the two of you to just be together and soak in the day (with your photographer in tow of course).

summer weddings

sunset around 8:30-9:00pm

2:30 - photography starts / getting ready photos

4:00 - ceremony

4:30 - family photos

5:00 - cocktail hour / wedding party photos

6:00 - grand entrance to reception

6:30 - dinner / speeches

8:00 - bride & groom photos

best of 2018-96.jpg

spring & fall weddings

sunset around 6:30-7:00pm

2:00 - photography starts / getting ready photos

3:30 - first look

3:45 - wedding party photos

4:30 - family photos

5:30 - ceremony

6:00 - bride & groom photos

6:30 - cocktail hour / reception follows

best of 2018-213.jpg

winter weddings

sunset around 4:30-5:00pm

1:30 - photography starts / getting ready photos

3:00 - first look/ bride & groom photos

3:45 - wedding party photos

4:15 - family photos

5:30 - candlelit ceremony

6:00 - cocktail hour / reception follows

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