Nothing Fancy, Just Love: Our Wedding Planning Series

If I'm being honest, I absolutely suck at blogging.. I like to blame it on the uber slow wifi we have living in the country so it would take two days to upload one post. With all of the social media platforms to share my work on, my blog definitely gets pushed to the bottom of the list. However, I have been journaling and taking plenty of photos since the moment we got engaged to document the whole planning process and this incredible season of life that Justin and I are embarking on. I figured that since I am experiencing all of the emotions and tasks that my brides do, if I share my experiences it's bound to be relatable for any of my past, present, and future brides (or any brides for that matter)! I will create a series of blog posts based around our planning process and the questions I seem to be getting the most as a new bride/wedding photographer. Welcome to the Nothing Fancy, Just Love series. I'm over the moon to share this journey with all of you!

Where do I start?! On a sunny Sunday in May I went for a hike with my man and our golden doodle child, Charlie, as we often do on our days off together. Justin had other plans and stopped mid-hike to ask me to spend forever with him which with tear filled eyes I nodded yes because I just couldn't get any words to come out of my mouth. I haven't come down from cloud nine yet :) 


I've know for years that I wanted to spend my life with him so we were ready to set a date right away. Being a part of the wedding industry I know how quickly vendors book up, even over a year in advance, so we coordinated with the two vendors we had our hearts set on and came up with our date. 



The first step to planning your day is to find a place to exchange your vows that makes your hearts flutter. At the beginning of 2018 I had started following the Picton venue 100 Acre Wood on Instagram and knew from that moment I loved the whole vibe that it brought with it, then we met with Mary (& her husband Kevin) and our hearts were happy knowing they would be a huge part of our most cherished day. Think elegant barn, church pews, acres and acres of woods, a bonfire pit, hammocks to relax in, harvest tables, and the most delicious local food you've ever had.. that's 100 Acre Wood. Dreamy right?! It's no surprise that this new venue is generating all of the buzz since they've opened their "doors". We are so incredibly grateful that we were able to secure this space before the world found out how amazing it is! Mary's vision for this space is spot on with our wedding dreams so it was the easiest choice for us.

Check out the dreamiest place in the county here:

That's all for now but I already have the next post in the works because the planning process has been SO fun and I'm way ahead of the game. Comment below if you have any wedding planning questions!