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Photo credit: Taylor Clark Photography

Photo credit: Taylor Clark Photography


I’m for the madly, passionately -fight like you’re married (cause you are or are about to be) and makeup fiercely- kind of couple.


I’m Janita (not wan-ita, but I will respond to it)!

I’m a hopeless romantic, I binge old seasons of the Bachelor and watch every cheesy netflix movie I can get my hands on. I love red wine, coffee, and water.. in that order. I'm a momma to my handsome golden doodle, Charlie, and am madly in love with my hunky fiancé, Justin. Although I shoot my weddings with digital SLR cameras, I recently bought a film camera to document our little family and all of the extraordinary moments in our ordinary. Film and print are not dead, and I am most definitely on a mission to prove that. I'm a total homebody and find complete contentment nestled in our little home in the country or adventuring on long walks in the woods.

Nature is the truest form of therapy besides laughter, thus these are two things I hold dear to my heart and find myself wrapped up in as often as possible.
Photo credit: Holly McMurter Photographs

Photo credit: Holly McMurter Photographs

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside
— Lin-Manuel Miranda

My whole entire world revolves around these two.



I’ve never met a taco that i didn’t like

I love learning about minimalism and living sustainably

Touch and gift giving are my love languages

I’m a sucker for a gorgeous bouquet and a sunday farmers market

I truly believe mindset is everything


If you can sit at home on the couch with your family and feel your heart bursting with emotion (which I do on the daily), it should be documented, so moments like these can be remembered when life's messiness tries to hinder our true happiness.

Marriage is hard, losing jobs, parents or pregnancies is hard. The most important thing to get you through all of the messiness is your connection. It’s raw. It's real. It's beautiful.Whatever it is, you will get through it together


I speak from the heart and feel intensely, deep down into my core. I am so taken with the incredible force that is love, and the magical way it can be found all around the world, in many different forms.

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